Bible Lessons for Children

Welcome to our Bible lessons for children!

Children begin life with some very impressionable years that give us a chance to mold them. As Christians, we want to instill our values, our morals, and our love for God into the precious lives that have been put into our care. Raising our children with the foundational teachings we find in the Word of God will start them on the right track in their early years.

In our Bible lessons for children, you will find popular stories that children have been raised on for generations. The most well-known stories throughout the generations teach us about the love of God and His faithfulness to us. Our faith has been encouraged by the stories of miracles, healings, and deliverance in the most amazing ways. The object of each lesson is to give our children a lesson they understand on their level while instilling great Biblical teachings in their hearts.

You can use our lessons alone or use them with additional activities and coloring pages to make each lesson more memorable, even turning it into an object lesson if you want to be more creative. Playing children’s church games, making Bible crafts and doing other creative activities with your lessons are fun and motivating for young people and encourage their participation. The more the children participate, the more the lessons will stay with them.

You can use our lessons at home with your own children, in a Sunday School class, or even in Christian school. Depending on the amount of time you have or want to spend on each of the Bible lessons for children, you can have a quick time of learning, or turn the lesson into a full-sized lesson.

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