Children’s Worship Songs

“Don’t you know that the Scriptures say, ‘Children and infants will sing praises’?” Matthew 21:16

Is there anything more precious that hearing our little ones lift up their voices to the God we know and love? Music reaches far beyond a pretty tune and disappearing words. If affects our spirits and impresses a message on our hearts.

Children’s worship songs are an important part of raising our babies. Just as David played music for Saul that chased away an evil spirit (1 Samuel 16:23: Whenever the evil spirit from God bothered Saul, David would play his harp. Saul would relax and feel better, and the evil spirit would go away. ), our music has an impact in our atmosphere, and we need to endeavor to make it an atmosphere that God is welcomed into. He inhabits the praises of His people, and we certainly want to see Him be in the midst of our children when we lift His name in praise through songs.

Adding Children’s worship songs to your weekly lessons and time spent with your church children is more than just a time filler. Music and the positive message in it leave an impression on the hearts of our little ones along with a helpful way to memorize gospel principles.

Share our worship song selections in children’s church, your Sunday School classroom, during youth services and get togethers, and your midweek programs. Our children’s worship songs are a part of the service the children will enjoy participating in and will feel personally involved because the songs are relatable to them.

Children learning worship songs in an integral part of our Christian journey. Psalms 150 is a great example of how and why we worship with music.

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