Easter Sunday School Lessons

Our Easter Sunday school lessons offer several ways to learn of our Savior and the sacrifice He made to save all of mankind. These lessons bring the amazing account of Jesus’ crucifixion, burial and resurrection to the level that children can begin to understand how special our Lord is, and how much He loves us.

Many lessons are on the importance of the different aspects of the life of a Christian. The character traits and values we endeavor to instill in the lives of our children are very important but teaching them about the risen Savior is more important than all of the other lessons we can teach them.

For many churches, the Easter service is one of the highest attended services of the year. To make this special service run smoothly for your Sunday school class, prepare ahead of time. Our lessons have laid the groundwork of the lesson for you.

You can add your enthusiasm to the lesson and activities to offer an amazing and memorable class for your children. Choose your Easter Sunday school lesson and stop by our coloring pages and craft page. Visit our kids’ songs page as well.

You will find several other things to include in your lesson. Children enjoy crafts and coloring, and can take their projects home with them as a reminder of what they learned in Sunday school. Prepare you lesson and activities with additional copies and supplies for other children who may be visiting your service for this special celebration of our Savior.

We are here to help, and invite you to use our lessons for Thanksgiving, Christmas and other Christian holidays throughout the year.

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