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The Woman Caught in Adultery

Jesus went to the Mount of Olives.

But early in the morning he went back to the Temple. All the people came to Jesus, and he sat and taught them.

The teachers of the law and the Pharisees brought a woman there. She had been caught in adultery. They forced the woman to stand before the people.

They said to Jesus, “Teacher, this woman was caught having physical relations with a man who is not her husband.

The law of Moses commands that we kill with stones every woman who does this. What do you say we should do?”

They were asking this to trick Jesus so that they could have some charge against him.But Jesus knelt down and started writing on the ground with his finger.

They continued to ask Jesus their question. So he stood up and said, “Is there anyone here who has never sinned? The person without sin can throw the first stone at this woman.”

Then Jesus knelt down again and wrote on the ground.

Those who heard Jesus began to leave one by one. The older men left first, and then the others. Jesus was left there alone with the woman. She was standing before him.

Jesus stood up again and asked her, “Woman, all of those people have gone. Has no one judged you guilty?”

She answered, “No one has judged me, sir.”Then Jesus said, “So I also don’t judge you. You may go now, but don’t sin again.”

Teaching guide and Explanation


TEXT: John 8:1-11

MEMORY VERSE: I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. [John 8: 12]

Did you ever do something that you wish you hadn’t done? Perhaps you feel bad about it afterward? (You might attach a personal story or use mine…) I remember once I started making fun of a girl with another girl during summer in grade school. I didn’t know that the girl was right behind me and she had heard it all! I felt bad, and nothing I did was going to make things better. Often in practice, we screw up and feel guilty. Not only have I fucked up, but I haven’t made things any better. For what I did, I didn’t take responsibility. That’s a major word-is anyone aware of what that means? “she made me do it!” she made me do it!”He started it!”He started it!

It is considered a sin when we violate a law in life. It is said in the Bible that God is able to forgive us for our sins. How are we going to seek forgiveness for our sins? By believing in Jesus and with a willing spirit, praying for forgiveness. Jesus is waiting for us to pardon all our sins.

The mercy of God is the kindness shown to those who really ought to be punished because they were bad and naughty. God does not allow people to get by’ with being bad, but He forgives them if they repent for doing wrong things.

The story of Jesus is about a man who wanted help in his vineyard. Maybe the grapes were ripe and ready to be picked, or it may have been necessary to cut the vines. “Son, go to work in my wine-garden by day,” he said to one of his boys.” This boy didn’t love and respect his Father as God tells all boys and girls to do, and he said, “I won’t.” But Jesus said that later that boy repented and went out into the vineyard to work as his Father told him to.

Every boy and girl, man and woman, has to stop doing what they know they’re not supposed to do. When they pray and ask God to forgive them, He shows grace to them or compassion and takes away their sins far, far away, “as far as the east is from the west.”

We learn the story of a woman caught in adultery near the middle of John’s Gospel (8:1-11) who is brought to judgment before Jesus. There is something to teach us about the essence of the relationship between grace and justice in the acts of Jesus that day.

Jesus got up early one day and went to the temple. A group of people gathered around Jesus, as has always happened, and he sat down and started teaching them. As he was teaching, a woman who had been living a sinful life and making her stand before Jesus was brought in by some teachers of the law. “Teacher,”Teacher,”This woman had been caught in an awful act of sin. Moses’ law states that she is to be punished by stoning. The Bible makes us understand that they were trying to trick Jesus into saying something against their laws in order to bring charges against him.

Jesus bent down and started writing in the dirt with his finger. The men tried to challenge Jesus, trying to get him to say something. Finally, Jesus rose up and said to them, “Whoever is without sin, let him be the first to cast a stone at her, and afterward, he bent down and wrote in the dirt. The men who had accused the woman were gazing at each other and walking away.

Jesus was standing and speaking to the woman. He asked, “Where are your accusers? Did no one condemn you?”

“No one,” answered the woman.

” And Jesus said, Neither do I. Go and sin no more.”

Have you ever seen anyone do something wrong and pointed at them with an insulting finger? Maybe most of us can say we’ve got it. Not one of us is perfect, and when we want to point fingers or throw stones at someone else, we should consider that. For each of you, I’ve got a small stone. Take it home and keep it somewhere that when you think you might be tempted to point out someone else flaws, you can see it.

We are in danger of despair because we feel that our sins are so severe that they are beyond redemption, even though we repent of them. In other words, regardless of that, we are condemned to damnation.

For those who are misled by hope, fear of God’s punishment is the antidote. To these, Jesus guides the words, “Go and sin no more from now on.” For those in despair, the cure is faith in the grace of God. “To those, Jesus says, “I do not condemn you either.”

It is important to reiterate that Christ’s grace shows that the love of the Father is more important and fundamental than the justice of the Father. Mercy, in St. John Paul II’s words, means a special power of love that prevails over the world’s sin and infidelity.” Yet, there is no forgotten justice. On the contrary, in overcoming sin, by preserving the integrity and value of the guilty party, love transformed into grace restores right relationships or justice. In addition, mercy always invites the sinner to be converted.

However, this does not mean we can only commit adultery all we want because remember that even if God forgives us of this sin, adultery can have long-term and devastating consequences that can affect our lives, our families, our finances, our health, and our emotional and spiritual well-being. These are some of the reasons that God commands us not to commit adultery. It’s not because He’s going to send adulterers to hell, but because adultery is so destructive and damaging that God wants us to experience true joy and pleasure in life.

Our Lord, help us to have the attitude of forgiveness that Jesus taught us today in our lesson. In Jesus’ name, we pray, amen.

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