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Our free Sunday school lessons for kids offer you a variety of stories and topics that will interest your children and encourage them to learn. Our Biblical stories teach moral lessons and focus on the growth and maturing of young minds that want to know the Lord.

Jesus used parables to help teach spiritual lessons. While He was speaking to men and women more than children, the concept of teaching through stories and objects is one that has been used from the Savior Himself, and even as far back as before Christ. This was a way to engage the hearts of people, and to then give them the desire to apply the values and morals learned in those lessons.

Our free Sunday school lessons offer a variety of subjects for you to choose from. Pair the Bible stories and topics with corresponding activities to get a deeper, longer lasting lesson that will stick with the kids. Object lessons and activities trigger memories that will last much longer than the class itself.

Choose a topic and take the time to prepare for your class lesson in advance. This helps to make sure you have everything you need for yourself and your children. Any pictures or papers you need to copy, any supplies you need for activities and crafts items for object lessons, and everything else should be taken care of ahead of time. You will save your frustration and save the kids disappointment,

Browse our free Sunday school lessons for fresh ideas that the kids will enjoy. You can choose one lesson at a time, or choice several to make up a series with a theme that can be done over several weeks’ time. The cost is free, and we desire to help you with quality lessons for every class.



The first verse of the inspired Word says, “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.” Thus, these words declare God the Creator of the universe; and this declaration settles the issue for him who believes the Bible — God is the Creator of the universe and all that is in it.

Steps of Creation

Day-by-day creation phases are most beautiful. God’s great purpose was to offer man this universe. It was important to prepare the earth for life formation. Successive imaginative acts show wisdom and order. God first formed the world without form and void, and darkness was on the deep face. His next act was to order light, which is important to human life for light and heat. He then formed the firmament — the expanse above the earth, changing the temperature and separating the vaporous waters above (the clouds) from the concentrated waters below (the seas).

Thus the oceans, climate, and clouds made perfect provision on land for life. Grass, fruits, and herbs were the next artistic act, each seed after its type. Geographers tell us that the earth’s surface consists of two-thirds water and one-third soil. At the daily evaporation rate of the oceans, carefully calculated, it is found that this proportion is a perfect balance necessary to provide moisture for life on land. That’s our God’s wisdom. He added the sun to rule by day and the moon to rule by night, besides our solar system’s planets and countless stars that sparkle like diamonds in the heavens. “By faith, we recognize that the worlds were framed by God’s word” [Hebrews:11:3]).


[Matthew:9:18-31]; [Luke:7:12-15]; [Mark:2:1-11].

“I will come and heal him” (Matthew 8:7).

A Little Girl Raised from the Dead

When people learned that Jesus was able to heal the sick, they followed Him everywhere He went. The healthy people took their sick families and friends to Jesus for healing. We don’t read that He ever turned away someone who came to Him, and even when He had a funeral, He even raised them from the dead.

A little girl, who had no doubt been very dearly loved by her father, was dead. He had read about the wonderful things Jesus was doing, and he seemed to believe that if He laid His hand on her, Jesus could and would raise His child. Jesus was always able to support those that came to him for support, and when he asked Him to come, he went to the man’s house.

People believed she was dead, but she was only asleep in Jesus’ sight, for Jesus knew that even from death, He might awaken her. When He said she was sleeping, people laughed at Jesus. Jesus ordered them to go out of the room because they didn’t believe He could revive her. All Jesus had to do was take her by the hand and pick her up. He was certainly really glad when the father saw her alive again, that he believed that Jesus might lift her. Trusting Jesus and trusting in His Word is always a good thing.


Jacob Goes to a Far Country

Jacob offended his brother, and his mother told him he’d better go far away from where he’d be safe. She told him to go to his uncle’s house. Jacob began his journey to the land of his uncle.

One night, when he was about sixty miles away from his home — a distance of sixty miles that day — he took stones and placed them under his head for pillows. He went to sleep and had a beautiful dream. He saw a ladder from the earth to the heavens. Angels went up and down the ladder. It must have been a very beautiful ladder because he saw the Lord standing above the ladder. The Lord God has spoken to him. He said that he was the God of his father and grandfather and that he would also be the God of Jacob. He also told him that the land he was in would belong to him and his children. h God said he was going to go with Jacob on his journey and protection him.

Heavenly Place

When Jacob woke up, he marveled at the amazing dream he had dreamed of. He recalled that he had seen God in his dream and that God had spoken to him, and he said, “The Lord is in this place, and I knew it not” (Genesis 28:16). And “this is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven” (Genesis 28:17).

And Jacob took the stone, and set up a pillar, and poured oil on it. It was to prove that it was sacred. He named the place Bethel — the house of God.

He is making a pledge to God

Jacob’s heart was thankful to God for what God had taught him and said to him. He said that if God were to be with him and send him back to his father’s house again, he would serve God, and give God the tenth of what he had. This experience has made Jacob a better man than he had been before. God knew what Jacob was going to do, and for that reason, no doubt, he gave Jacob this beautiful dream. God knows what we’re going to do even before we do it. He knows who’s going to be rescued and who doesn’t. He wants all of us to be saved, but not everyone wants to be saved. This is not the fault of God; it is their own decision. God wants us to give Him our lives in gratitude for all that He has done for us, and then He blesses us even more.


[John:2:1-16]; [John:4:46-54].

“Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it” (John 2:5).

Preparation for Work

Jesus was preparing to do the work that He had come to do in this universe. John had baptized him, not because he had to be baptized, but because he had done everything that the Word of God had told all who had loved him to do. God was pleased with what Jesus did, for He spoke from Heaven and said: “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” (Matthew:3:17).

Jesus did not do what the wicked one said when the wicked one had tried to get Jesus to do wrong when He was in a position where there was no food and had eaten nothing for forty days.

He only obeyed what God was doing.

He had been invited to a wedding in Cana one time. Not far away from his hometown was Cana. Perhaps his relatives were the people in that house where the wedding was. Jesus was there with his mother and his followers.

Before they had eaten and drunk, the mother of Jesus came to Him and said they had no more wine to offer to the people. We don’t think the wine they had there was the sort that got people intoxicated. Almost all enjoy grape juice. God gave us the grapes with the wonderful juice in them, but by making the juice get sour and so bad that it makes people drink, people often ruin it.

Mary instructed servants to do as Jesus had said. She seemed to know that Jesus was empowered to do whatever He wanted. When Jesus orders us to do something, just like He orders us to do it, we can do it, and do it as soon as possible. The large jars were filled with water. Then Jesus turned the water into such a sweet drink that a man said until last they had kept the best wine. Jesus did this first thing that showed the disciples and His friends that He was very strong.



“Be content with such things as ye have” (Hebrews 13:5).

The Dream of a Rich Man

A story is told of a rich man who dreamed he had died and had gone to Heaven. He was greeted by an angel and guided by a hand to show him his home. They passed by several beautiful homes as they walked down golden avenues.At the door of a very beautiful house, He saw a man standing, and he remembered him as his former servant. The rich man thought: If my servant has such a beautiful home, I’ll certainly have one bigger and more beautiful one.

They continued walking through the beautiful city, and the homes became smaller and smaller until only a tiny cottage was located. The angel told the wealthy man it was his home. When he saw it, he was deceived. But the angel said, “This is all the stuff you sent to build it.” It taught him a lesson. This was, of course, just a fantasy, and no one in Heaven would be disappointed. There’ll be no one jealous. But knowing that we must lay up our treasures in Heaven is good for us.

Our Treasure

The treasure in Heaven is our love of God, our love of His Holy Word, our love of working for Him, and our love of always being with Him. When we help others go there, we lay treasure in Heaven — by taking children to Sunday School so they can learn about God and get their sins forgiven. Another way to lay down treasure is to visit the sick and, if they need it, give them money or food. Jesus said we would do it to Him if we did kind things to others. If we bring many people to Jesus, we shall shine “as the stars forever and ever” [Daniel:12:3]). If we trust Him, if we forgive our sins, Jesus will give us what we need to eat, give us our houses, our clothes to wear, and all that we need on earth; yet, most of all, He will give us the wonderful things that He has in Heaven for us.


[Matthew:8:24-27]; [Matthew:4:18-22]; [Luke:5:1-11].

“Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19).

The Storm Stilled

The Galilee Sea was about 13 miles long and about 7 miles wide, and great storms quickly sprang up. There was a storm one day when he and his followers were crossing the ocean. The ship was surrounded by the waves so high.Jesus was often hard at work, educating people and curing the sick, and sometimes he was very tired. He also said the birds had nests, and the foxes had holes, but He had no space to lay His head. When the disciples came to Him, being tired, He slept in the ship, awakened Him, and said: “God, save us: we perish.” He asked them why they were afraid; they should have felt protected when He was with them. Then he ordered the wind to stop blowing and to keep the waves calm. And still, the shore. The disciples were very shocked that the winds and waves obeyed him.

After some time with Jesus, they learned that He was able to cure the sick and raise the dead, and that He had control over the wind, the sea, and all things, and that He was the Son of God.



“With God, all things are possible” (Mark 10:27).

Many Sick People

It wasn’t long before people learned that Jesus could cure them. He made it possible for the blind to see. He healed the lame so that they could walk. The sick were brought up and made healthy well. He also raised the dead. Many who were healthy must have taken their sick people to Jesus to be cured. Wherever he went, a lot of people followed him. We don’t read in the Bible that Jesus has ever sent a sick person away without curing him. We are grateful that today He has the same strength, and He heals those who have put their faith in Him.

Nothing too tough for Jesus

Some people believe that if it’s a very bad illness, Jesus can’t cure it; but we read in the Bible that He cured any disease. In the first place, he makes the body, and it is very easy for him to do it well. We know that a man who can make a car can definitely repair any component that doesn’t fit well.

One day, a man with a horrible illness called leprosy came to Jesus to be cured. The guy probably had a lot of pain on his body, and people were scared to get close to him. But Jesus wasn’t afraid to contact him. When the man worshiped Jesus and said he wished he could make him well, if he wanted to, Jesus said he wanted to make him well. e He kissed the man’s sore body, and said, “Be clean,” and instantly the man was made well. We’re sure he must have loved Jesus very much for doing that.

The Trust of a Soldier

Another day, a soldier came to Jesus and told him that his servant was ill. He must have believed that Jesus was in a good place to cure his servant, for he said that he himself had several soldiers under him, and when he told one of them to go and do something, he would go; when he told another soldier to come to him, that person would come. Then he said that if Jesus had said the Word, the sickness would have to leave his servant. Jesus likes to make people believe in Him. When He claims He’s capable and ready to cure people, He likes to make them believe it. Jesus was delighted to see that the soldier was going to be cured by his servant, and he was cured at the very moment that Jesus said he would be healed.


[Mark:4:1-20]; [Luke:13:6-9].

“Blessed are the peacemakers” (Matthew 5:9).

Sewing the seed

Jesus taught people the story of a man who sowed seeds. There was not much machinery in those days with which to work the land and sow the seed; a great deal of their labor was done by hand. For plowing, they used oxen.

Some of the seeds that the sower had spread fell on the side of the lane. The birds flew over and grabbed the crop. Some seed collapsed on stony ground. This seed had just enough soil over it to sprout and grow for a little while, but it was soon scorched by the sun since it had not been planted deep enough. Other seeds dropped among the thorns, and the tiny plants were soon choked up. The farmer’s work was not in vain, for there fell some of the seed upon good land, and it grew very well and yielded a harvest.

The Explanation

Just a few people and the twelve disciples were left alone with Jesus after the crowd had gone away. They then asked Him to describe the sower’s tale to them and the seed. So Jesus told them what the parabola represented.

As kids sit in Sunday School class today, the teacher is like a sewer who has gone out to sow. The instructor uses the Bible rather than taking a sack of seed. Jesus said seed is God’s Word. Our hearts and our ears are like the soil that the seed falls into.

Did you know the children may be hearers of “stony ground” or hearers of “thorny ground?” If they don’t pay careful attention to the teacher, and they don’t let the lesson go down in their hearts, so it may not be good for them. They can listen to the lesson they are being taught by the teacher, but as soon as Sunday School is over, they get so busy playing that they forget to think about Jesus, forget to pray, and soon they’ve lost the “good seed.”


[John:10:1-30]; [Matthew:18:10-14].

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me” (John 10:27).

The Sheepfold

In some countries across the sea, shepherds still tend the sheep as in long, long ago days. The sheep are kept in pen called the sheepfold at night, and a man called the porter sleeps within the fold near the entrance. When the shepherd knocks on the morning gate, the porter opens the gate, and the shepherd leads the sheep to pasture.

Often the young shepherd, bundled in a sheepskin blanket, sleeps on a flat sheepfold roof. He can see the sheep within the fold, chewing their cud in harmony. Although the sheep being surrounded by high stone walls and the door is locked and barred, the shepherd is continually looking for robbers.

The thief isn’t like our modern robbers in the Bible land; maybe lock-picking isn’t known to him. So the shepherd doesn’t need to watch the door; he knows that “he who doesn’t reach the sheepfold by the door, but climbs up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.” Even though the shepherd may try to watch his helpers carefully on a dark night while he sleeps soundly, a chief may climb the wall, cut off some of the sheep and lambs’ throats, sling them over the wall, and flee. Perhaps this is what Jesus referred to when He said, “The thief comes not to steal, to kill, to ruin.”


[Psalms:145:1-21]; [Habakkuk:3:17-19].

“Let us be glad and rejoice” (Revelation 19: 7).

The First Thanksgiving

“Thank You for the world so sweet,

Thank You for the food we eat,

Thank You for the birds that sing —

Thank You, God, for everything.”

Maybe it was a prayer like this that the little boys and girls and their mothers and father prayed at the first Thanksgiving dinner in America (Nigeria). These people had come to live in this country a long way across the ocean where they could worship God as they wished, and no one would harm them. In wintertime, they sailed into a calm harbor. It may have been cold and snow on the sea, but they kneeled down on the shore and thanked God for taking them to land saving.

They planted little seeds as soon as the winter was over, and the sun came out warming up the world. As the gentle spring rains watered the gardens, and almost every day, the sun came out bright, green shoots began peeping up from the field. It wasn’t long before tall, robust cornstalks bowed and nodded in the summer breezes and their silk flags hung from the fat ears of corn.

The Pilgrims said “Thank You” to God every day for growing the garden; but when the corn was picked, and the fruits and other vegetables were put away for winter, they had a special dinner in honor of God who gave them a home and a church in America (Nigeria) and provided their good food.

Our thanks are to you, Oh God!

Every year, we now have a special Thanksgiving Day to praise God for all He does for us. We thank God for Jesus, who helps us when we pray, and for the Bible that shows us how to live as God wants us to live. We thank Him for giving us Daddy and Mummy to love us and pray for us. We thank God for a safe and comfortable house, good food, and a place to play. We thank Him for the sun and the rain, bringing forth the lovely flowers and the green grass, and for the birds singing their sweet songs in the morning for us. With those good gifts, God makes us happy. God loves us and wants to rejoice and be glad.

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