Joy is a gift from God and it is one of the fruit of the spirit as given in Galatians 5: 22-23. Before we go into how you can experience joy as a Christian, you need to first understand that joy is not based on circumstances—it is more than circumstances unlike happiness which is based on circumstances. Joy flows from deep within, it comes from a conviction rooted deeply in us that only God can make all things work out for good. Joy can even put smile on your face even if things aren’t going well.

So if you aren’t feeling that joy within you, then you need to understand some things. Through understanding of these things, your joy will overflow. Here are the things you need to know.

Only God Can Give and Restore Joy

In the beginning of this post, remember I told you that joy is one of the fruit of the spirit and it is a gift from God. So you need to ask God to give or restore back your joy. Remember when you were saved, you were filled with joy which is the Joy of salvation. If you no longer feel that Joy, ask God for restoration. Maybe when you were saved, you didn’t experience joy within you which is making you to doubt your salvation, you don’t have to doubt your salvation because you are saved by faith. All you need to do is to ask God for joy that last forever and he will give it to you (Psalm 51:12).

There Is Joy In The Presence of the Lord

The psalmist said, “I was glad when they said to me, ‘let us go to the house of the Lord!’’’ The psalmist said this because he knows that the presence of God, the House of God is filled with Joy.

This is one of my secret to joy. Anytime I am feeling down and lonely, all I have to do is to find my way to church and through his word, praise and worship songs, life will be restored unto me. You can also give that a try. If you lack joy, find your way to the presence of God and you will find solace.

The Word of God Is Filled With Joy

The word of God is my source of inspiration; you can also make it your source of inspiration. Meditating on the word of God and having a quiet time with him gives comfort, encouragement and strength. Let the word of God be a light unto your feet and a light to your path (psalm 119: 105). See the bible as a heritage because it contains the testimonies of God (Psalm 119: 111). Meditate on the word of God and your joy will overflow.

There Is Joy In Righteousness

Have you ever noticed that if you have sin in your life as a believer, your joy will be diminished, but when you walk with God with an upright heart, your joy seems to be full? This is a testimony that sin takes away Joy. Do not allow the devil to take away your joy though sin. The pleasure of sin last just for a short time while the Joy of the Lord lasts forever (Psalms 97:11).

You Will Find Joy When You Hope and Trust In God

The bible tells us in proverb 10:28 that, “The hope of righteousness brings joy…”

So you need to put your hope and trust in God that He only can make things happen and give you want to want, and then Joy will never cease from your life.

Also, as you hope and trust in God, be thankful for the things he has done for you. Thank him for the gift of life, the salvation of your soul by giving up his only son to die for your sins. Be thankful!

Prayer Gives Joy

When you are down, in your weakness, take your time to pray. Let the Holy Spirit lead you; let him help in your weakness. The bible tells us in Romans 8:26 that, “ Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness, for we do not know what to pray as we ought, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groaning too deep for words.”

The bible also tells us to pray until our Joy is full (John 10:24). So make time for prayer, and as you pray, you will see that the light of God will shine in your heart and you will be filled with Joy.

We experience Joy as Christians by surrendering our lives to Jesus completely. When we abide in him and him in us, we will have Joy everlasting.

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