Living you life as a Christian woman isn’t all about perfection, it just about living your life the way God wants it, it is living your life to glorify god.

First of all, what is the definition of a Christian woman? A Christian woman is a virtuous woman. A virtuous woman is a woman of excellent moral character. A virtious woman understands, obeys and applies the word of God to her everyday life to build up herself, her family and also in her dealings with the society.

In the society that we are living today, even in the church of God, most women are striving to meet perfection; they are not striving to become a virtuous woman. They have been influenced by the media and the society, and they are placing their lifestyle on what the society thinks a woman should be or look like. But as a believer, you need to live your life the way God wants it, not the way the world wants. You need to be who God wants you to be, not who the society wants you to be. 1 John 2:15-17.

If you have been striving for perfection, you need to evaluate and ask yourself if you are doing it to please human or God.

When you abide in Christ, you can strife to be the best you want to be in your working place, business or personal life and still live a life that glorifies God. If you live your life according to the purpose of God, things will keep falling in place for you. Matthew 5:14-16.

So refocus your life to seek God and set your heart to do the things of God. Build a relationship with Him, that way, he will direct your path and gives your life a direction.

Here are some tips to help you live as a Christian woman.

  1. Put god first in everything you do. Acknowledge him in all your ways, put him first and he will direct your ways. When the Lord direct your ways and leads your path, He will be the one opening doors of greatness for you. He will also place you where you need to be. So all you need to do is to follow him. You may want to lead in your working place or business, but tell God to lead you first so you will be able to lead.

  2. Live your life to be a woman that is strong and powerful, but her power comes from the power of Christ in her.

  3. Live your life as a woman of faith. Be a woman whom faith stands strong through temptations and trials of life. A woman who can boldly say, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

  4. Live your life to be a wife who makes her husband dreams and aspire to seek God and build a strong connection with him. A woman whom husband can boldly say, “yes, that is my wife” when she is doing great things.

  5. Live your life to be a mother who her children can emulate. Be a mother who makes her children dream and aspire to connect with God. Live your life to be a mother who loves her children and leave a legacy for them through her actions.

  6. Live your life to be a woman many girls can emulate. Be someone who can tell them about God, someone who can encourage them to seek God and have communion with him.

A Christian woman is loved, emulated and appreciated by her husband, children, family and society. You can also live your life to be a virtuous woman if you have not been living like that. Make a change today!

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