How to observe LENT as a Christian

How to observe LENT as a Christian

What is Lent and why do we celebrate it?

Lent is a season of the year when millions of Christians and non-Christians alike focus on strengthening their relationship with God. Many people choose to celebrate Lent through a combination of prayer, simple living, fasting, and repentance in preparation for Easter.

It lasts forty days (or forty-six days if you include Sundays), beginning on Ash Wednesday and lasting through Holy Saturday.

The duration of forty days represents the time Jesus spent in the wilderness preparing for his ministry. Many will go through the motions and celebrations of Lent and Easter. However, we like to take a moment to reflect on what this season really means to us.

How does preparation during Lent better us as human beings? What can we do to properly observe lent spiritually and strengthen our relationship with God?

What is EASTER and why do we celebrate it?

The season concludes with the celebration of Easter. On Easter, we celebrate the resurrection and rebirth of Jesus as he rose from the dead three days after being killed, thus defeating evil forever.

Fast- The most common and recognized way to observe Lent is to give up something special to you, like watching TV or eating chocolate, during the season. In this way, many people /Christians feel that they are making a tangible sacrifice to reflect on the depth of the sacrifice Christ made for us.

Fasting helps to keep the focus on God during the season as you look forward to Good Friday and the celebration of Easter, Christ’s victory over sin and death.

Spiritual Discipline- As another way to prepare for Easter, you may choose to add additional prayers, Bible studies, or another spiritual discipline to your routine. Some may decide to go on a spiritual retreat to deepen their faith in God.

Charitable efforts- Many of the Christian faithful devote themselves to performing works of charity and exercises of piety. There are people who may need to overcome obstacles in life and we can help them through this time. We can also donate to those in need. Embrace God and others with real love, not fake devotion, not being holier than thou but out of a true heart. It is a relationship that gives meaning to our whole life and keeps us resolute. It keeps us in communion with him even during the most difficult and troubling moments in life.”

Abstain from meat – Many people abstain from meat during Fridays in Lent as an act of penitence in remembrance of the Friday in which Christ was crucified. This came from a practice during the Middle Ages where people gave up meat and sometimes dairy products as well.

Engage with your community- If you choose to do so, you may want to teach others the meaning of Lent, why you celebrate it and what it means to you. By learning from each other, we may understand other fruitful ways to celebrate lent as a community.

God bless you!

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