How to prepare for Marriage As A Christian



There are many of you who are searching for love. Marriage is a calling; a holy covenant between God, your spouse, and yourself. Many times, we become so focused on finding the right person that we forget that in the meantime our job is to BECOME the right person.

Conquer your insecurities

Many men and women don’t see the full potential God has created them to be and so they constantly struggle with insecurities. You are worth more than you know. Be secure in yourself, start by going an entire week without saying one negative thing about your intelligence, body, beauty, etc. and see how this will transform your mindset/confidence.

Now is the time to rid yourself of negativity and insecurity in your heart and mind not only for your future marriage but for your present self and well-being.

Get rid of selfishness

When you are single, all you have to think about is yourself. You pay your own bills, buy whatever you want, and do whatever you want. When you get married, you have to put the needs of your spouse and your children above your own, so right now start thinking of ways to give of your time and resources.

Don’t make life all about you. Give freely and think of others. Only thinking of yourself can cause huge problems in your future marriage, so start changing your mindset now.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter, take time out of your day to take out your elderly neighbor’s trash for her, buy someone’s coffee and write an encouraging note. Start with making your life more than just about you, and this mindset will flow into your marriage as a result of the changes you make now.

Practice purity

No matter what culture tries to sell you, purity is always best. Sex ties your spirit with your partner, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be tied to every person I’ve slept with long after I’ve found my spouse.

Even if you haven’t saved yourself, purity begins the day you decide to put aside your human nature and culture’s ideas. Purity truly is a higher calling that is so hard to maintain, yet not impossible. But don’t be fooled, purity of the heart and mind is just as important as physical purity.

Don’t allow your mind to be full of lust. Don’t engage in what the sex industry is trying to sell you. When you practice purity now, it will be beneficial to your marriage in ways I can’t even begin to explain.

Learn to manage your money

Money is one of the biggest things that couples argue about. If you learn to manage your money now while you are single, it won’t be so difficult when you get married. (you also might want to rethink marrying someone who’s reckless in their spending habits as well).

Pray, pray, pray

Whatever life throws at you, you can face it hand in hand, down on your knees in prayer. Prayer connects you with your partner, long before you meet them and paves the road to when you both come together. Pray also to become the kind of husband/wife that your future spouse needs.

Prayer is the most powerful thing you can do to prepare for marriage.

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