Interpreting dreams as a Christian

Daniel 1:17, Genesis 40:8, Job 33:14-15

“Dream” Usually refers to one of these two things depending on the context in which it is being used. The first is a mental picture of the future; Similar to Vision. They are sometimes used interchangeably but in addition a dream sometimes refers to an aspiration. The word “dream” is described thus; “a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep”.

God’s perspective on dreams.

God talks through dreams. “For God does speak—now one way, now another—though no one perceives it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they slumber in their beds” (Job 33:14-15). God spoke to Daniel, Joseph- Jesus’s father and many others in biblical days. Notwithstanding, dreams are in no way old-fashioned, God still talks to a lot of people through dreams among other diverse ways. Notwithstanding, some dreams are born out of fleshy, make sure you discern you dream rightly. “A dream comes when there are many cares” (Ecclesiastes 5:3 NIV).

Communication is indispensable when it comes to making relationships thrive and that includes our relationship with God. God wants to talk to us as much as we want to talk to him, however, he relates with our sprit through the Holy Spirit but it has to make sense to the mind for us to get the message. A dream is usually an encoded message about the future and sometimes about the past or present but the bottom line is it usually contains a message and we should make sure that we get the message and do something about it whether it good or bad. So, God expects us to accept dreams, respect it and act on it; that’s how Egypt saved the world (Genesis 41)

What to do about dreams.

Remember it. You may never have a Daniel to ask God for the revelation of your forgotten dream (Daniel 2). If you are found of forgetting dreams, ask God to help you remember them so you can act accordingly. You don’t want to get in the situation before you remember the dream.

Pray about it. Sometimes a dream is a warning, in such cases, ask God to uphold you and act in a way that will avert that disaster. You don’t want to get in an Apostle Paul’s Situation (Acts 16:9-15). Sometimes it is a picture of the future, in this case, ask God for wisdom and act accordingly. Dreams could also be a revelation of the past, in that case thank God like Daniel did.

Interpret it. Yes, it’s ok to get interpretation for dreams. Like we already stated, a dream can be an encoded message from God and it can really be worrisome trying to interpret it. Here is how to go about interpreting dreams. First, ask God for clarity and understanding, sometimes it comes on its own. You could also find someone with the genuine ability to interpret dreams. You will know such a person with the help of the Holy Spirit, the degree to which his/her interpretation is in alignment with God’s word and his/her track record. Joseph had all these qualities (Genesis 40-41). Lastly, you can talk to your pastor or a mature believer about it, they will often give wise spiritual counsel.

In conclusion, never leave a dream unattended, make sure you always recall and act on your dreams.

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