Jairus’ Daughter & Bleeding Woman Story With Coloring Pages

A ruler from the synagogue, named Jairus, came to that place. Jairus saw Jesus and bowed before him.

The ruler begged Jesus again and again. He said, “My little daughter is dying. Please come and put your hands on her. Then she will be healed and will live.”

So Jesus went with the ruler, and many people followed Jesus. They were pushing very close around him.

A woman was there who had been bleeding for the past 12 years.

She had suffered very much. Many doctors had tried to help her. She had spent all the money she had, but she was not improving. She was getting worse.

When the woman heard about Jesus, she followed him with the people and touched his coat.

The woman thought, “If I can even touch his coat, that will be enough to heal me.”

When she touched his coat, her bleeding stopped. She could feel in her body that she was healed.

At once Jesus felt power go out from him. So he stopped and turned around. Then he asked, “Who touched my clothes?”

The followers said, “There are so many people pushing against you! And you ask, ‘Who touched me?’”

But Jesus continued looking around to see who had touched him.

The woman knew that she was healed. So she came and bowed at Jesus’ feet. Shaking with fear, she told him the whole story.

Jesus said to the woman, “Dear woman, you are made well because you believed. Go in peace. You will have no more suffering.”

Jesus was still speaking to her when some men came from the house of Jairus, the synagogue ruler. The men said, “Your daughter is dead. There is now no need to bother the teacher.”

But Jesus paid no attention to what the men said. He said to the synagogue ruler, “Don’t be afraid; only believe.”

Jesus let only Peter, James, and John the brother of James go with him to Jairus’s house.

They came to the house of the synagogue ruler, and Jesus found many people there crying loudly. There was much confusion.

Jesus entered the house and said to the people, “Why are you crying and making so much noise? This child is not dead. She is only asleep.”

But they only laughed at Jesus. He told all the people to leave. Then he went into the room where the child was. He took the child’s father and mother and his three followers into the room with him.

Then he took hold of the girl’s hand and said to her, “Talitha, koum!” (This means, “Little girl, I tell you to stand up!”)

The girl stood right up and began walking. (She was 12 years old.) The father and mother and the followers were amazed.

Jesus gave the father and mother strict orders not to tell people about this. Then he told them to give the girl some food.

Teaching Guide and Explanation


TEXT: Mark 5:22–43

MEMORY VERSE: As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, he saith unto the ruler of the synagogue, Be not afraid, only believe. [Mark 5:36]

What would your parents do if you were sick? They could give you some medication that they could buy from the drug store when you had a tummy ache or a headache and wait to see if it would make you feel better. But what if you have not gotten better? And what if you were so ill that your parents felt that you might die? Then what will they do? They’ll instantly take you to the hospital! They will do whatever they could to help you get better.

Today, we’re going to learn about two people who came to Jesus with a need that only He could help them with. Let us turn to Mark 5:21 in our Bibles.

Jesus and his followers were in a boat, and he landed on the shore of Capernaum. On the beach, crowds of people saw Jesus and came together to see him. Have you ever been to see anyone important in a big crowd? It’s difficult to get close to that guy. Imagine every day being in a crowd.

The two individuals I mentioned earlier desperately needed to get to Jesus in our story. They both had needs that they felt could be fulfilled by him. A man is the first guy. Let’s discover who this man is. Read Mark 5:22. Perhaps it was easy for this man to make his way through the crowd as a synagogue ruler, because the people considered him significant. Perhaps when people saw this guy, they moved out of the way, while they wouldn’t have been so polite if it were just an average person trying to squeeze through the crowd.

When Jairus came to Jesus, he dropped to Jesus’ feet and began to plead with Him. In verse 23, let’s read what Jairus wants Jesus to do. He said, To the point of death, my little daughter is lying.” Come and lay thy hands upon her, that she may be healed, and that she may live.

Jairus may have been an important synagogue ruler, and maybe he joined with the other temple leaders who came and opposed Jesus in the past. We do not understand for sure, but we do know that he was desperate for Jairus. His only child, his twelve-year-old daughter, was about to die. He was so much in love with her and didn’t want her to die. He went to Jesus because he felt that he could help Jesus. While Jairus was an important ruler of the synagogue, when he got to Jesus, his actions showed that he knew Jesus was more important and deserving of his respect. It took great modesty for a synagogue ruler to collapse at the feet of Jesus and beg for His assistance.

It’s important when we come to God in prayer that we note that God is holy and deserving of our reverence. Praying on our knees or even flat on our stomachs is one way that we can show Him honor and gratitude. Being flat out before God on the ground is called being prostrated before Him. To bow down before God shows great honor to Him.

Jairus claimed that his dying daughter could be cured by Jesus and pleaded with Him to come to his home. When a person believes that something that is faith can be achieved by God. Faith delights God. (11:6 Hebrews)

We should all come to Jesus when we are in a very tough situation and pray, knowing He will comfort us. No matter how large or small we feel our need is, Jesus still hears and answers our prayers.

Jesus started pursuing Jairus. Oh, how Jesus, because of his deep love for his daughter, must have had compassion for Jairus.

As Jesus started to follow Jairus to his house, the Lord Jesus crowded the crowds of people as he marched. Let’s read Luke 8:42 to understand how big this crowd that followed Him is. Have you ever been in a crowd whereby it made you feel like you were going to be crushed?

The second person in today’s story who desperately needed the help of Jesus was in this huge crowd of people following Jesus. Let’s read 5:25-26, Mark. For 12 years, this woman had been sick. Her illness was a personal private one. It was not a disease she would feel comfortable in a large crowd talking about. Even physicians could not do better with the illness she suffered from. She spent all of her money on paying the doctors, and she got worse instead of getting better. This woman must have learned about Jesus and how miracles were done by him. I have no idea what the woman knew, but she knew one thing. She was in search of a miracle. She wanted to be better, but she could not be saved by any doctor. She went to the one who was able to cure her. As she squeezed through the crowd and came closer and closer to Him, she said If only I could touch His clothes, I could be made well.” The woman struggled to reached out and touched the hem of the robe of Jesus as she got close to Jesus. She knew in her body that she had been cured of her illness as soon as she reached the robe of Jesus. For 12 years, she no longer felt the illness that had been in her body.

He felt strength coming out of Him as Jesus walked in the huge crowd of people. “He turned and said to the crowd, “Who touched my clothes? The disciples must have shaken their heads, as among many many people, they were also squished in. Peter replied to Jesus, “You see the crowds of people pushing around you, and you ask, “Who touched me?”

Meanwhile, the woman who had touched the clothes of Jesus was very afraid. She came, shaking, as Jesus stopped and looked about in the crowd, and fell down before him. She spoke to Jesus and all the people around her and said, “I’ve been sick for 12 years.” I wasted all my money on doctors who couldn’t do anything better. I’ve been getting worse, and I wanted to do better. I wanted to touch you, for I believe that you will do me well. When I touched your robe, I was healed instantly. I’m not sick anymore! ”

This woman was cherished by Jesus. He wasn’t mad that she was touching his clothing. He was satisfied with her confidence. It wasn’t the act of touching his clothes that healed her, but her conviction that Jesus was able to heal her.

The great power of Jesus was revealed to this woman and to the crowd when she was cured. Let’s read what Jesus, in Mark 5:34, said to this lady.

This woman had a private need that she wanted from Jesus to support her. By faith, she came to him, hoping that he could cure her. In the huge audience, she would probably have felt embarrassed, screaming, “Jesus, please heal me of this illness I’ve had for 12 years.” She acted on her faith by believing she would be made well if she could only contact Jesus. Her confidence was rewarded, and she was healed entirely.

This was a great miracle that had happened, and by taking the time to take care of the needs of this lady, Jesus showed empathy and compassion.

Often we have needs in a crowd of people that we don’t feel comfortable sharing. We should be comforted to understand that God knows every need we have, and we can talk about it with Him and pray to help us with Him. When we pray, God listens and answers.

Like this lady, we may not be able to touch Jesus’ garment. Spending time alone with God in prayer and reading His Word, we can get close to Jesus. When we are peacefully alone with him, we can sense his presence. If we feel depressed or frightened but are too shy to share it with someone, we can feel His compassion and support for us by getting close to Jesus and sharing those feelings with Him.

Jairus, we can’t forget. Remember the need for him? His 12-year-old daughter was ill, and she was dying. Jesus wanted him to rush to his house and make her feel good. I wonder what Jairus had to think when this woman took his precious time away from Jesus, who was on his way to save his daughter. Although a great miracle took place for this woman, it might have been difficult not to be upset with the interruption. When we wait for Jesus to answer our prayers, and at times when He is delaying the answer to our prayer, we need to be patient and watch Him operate.

Just then, someone came and talked to him from Jairus’ house. In Mark 5:35, let’s read what this person said. Your daughter is gone. Why are you still bothering the teacher?”

That word,’ why bother,’ made me think about how sometimes in our lives, we could be afraid to ask anyone if we need anything because we feel we are bothering them. Do you think it doesn’t matter how large or small we ever bother God when we have a need?

Let’s see how Jesus reacts when he hears what the men have just said to Jairus. (Mark 5:36 ” Not minding what they said, Jesus said to the ruler of the synagogue, “Do not be afraid; belief only.”)”

How do you believe Jairus would have felt when he read these men’s news? I’ve been late, too. We might have gotten to my daughter in time if this crowd hadn’t been in the way, or if that woman hadn’t stopped Jesus. We do not know what Jairus felt, but we can assume that he was very upset with the news of the death of his daughter.

Often it seems like Jesus hasn’t answered our prayers as we pray, or maybe we haven’t prayed the right way. We need to listen to the words spoken to us that Jesus said to Jairus, “Do not be afraid; just believe.” You see that for a person who can believe, Jesus can do something. If we have something that we need help with, we never bother Jesus.

Jesus instructed the crowd that they could not pursue him. He said only Peter, James and John were able to come to the house of Jairus with him.

By the time Jesus arrived at the house of Jairus, many people who loved the daughter of Jairus were crying and wailing loudly. When Jesus came into the house, he said, “Why do you make such a great commotion and weep?” The kid isn’t dead, but he’s asleep.

The people in the audience laughed and made fun of Jesus. They saw the dead body of their daughter. What does Jesus mean when he said she was just asleep? They must’ve thought that Jesus was insane.

Jesus did not cause Him to be bothered or discouraged from expressing His great power and affection for Jairus and his family by what they think of Him. He sent all the men out of the house, with the exception of Jairus, his wife, Peter, James, and John. They went to the location where the body of their daughter was lying. Jesus reached out to the girl and took her by the back. He talked to her and said, “Little girl, I tell you, get up.” The girl got up instantly and walked around the room. Jesus said to offer something to eat to the girl. Jairus was amazed, along with his mom! Their dead daughter was still alive!

Jesus demonstrated His great strength and compassion by curing a woman who had been ill for 12 years and raising a 12-year-old girl back to life. Jesus takes care of you and me, and we need to have faith that He hears our prayers, and in His way and in His time, He will answer them. – time he answers our prayers, he will show us his great power and love.

The message of Salvation:

As we near, let’s think about the 12-year-old daughter who was gone. Jesus talked to her and lifted herself to life. If you have never been saved this morning by faith in Jesus, you are like the little girl who is dead. Ephesians 2:1: “You were dead in your transgressions and sins, as for you What that means is that you are dead and unable to live a life pleasing to God without the life of Jesus residing within your bones. The price of my sins and your sins is death. This death is forever separation from Heaven. In our story, God the Father is like Jairus. He loves us, and he does not want us to die, to detach ourselves from him. Our heavenly Father loved us very much that He sent Jesus, His own Son, to die for our sins on the cross. He was buried, and God the Father revived him from the dead three days later. In our place, Jesus died, so we don’t have to be separated from Heaven. We should all believe that the price of our sins was paid by Jesus so that we may spend eternity with God. If you have never put your trust in Jesus, kindly pray for your sins to be forgiven, Jesus says to you, “Child, I say to you, arise.” He doesn’t want you to suffer a death that will forever separate you from God. If you have not been rescued, please speak to your parents. We will teach you from the Bible how you can be saved if you would like to speak to us this morning.

If you’re rescued, how much time do you spend speaking to God per day? Will you have time to speak to him about your needs and the needs of others? It will encourage you to write down your requests and use a prayer journal while you pray and remember to speak about certain things to God. When God answers those questions, you may write about how God answered your prayers in your journal. Your trust in Him will start to grow when you see God answering your prayers.

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