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The Brothers of Cruel

Jacob had cattle that the brothers had taken care of in a field a long way from home. One day, his father told Joseph to go and see what his brothers were like. Joseph had gone to find them, but they had driven further west, maybe to find a better cattle pasture. Joseph went on until he reached them, and was very pleased to see them, no doubt. But they weren’t pleased to see Joseph, and they started planning how to get rid of him. One of the brothers said that killing him and tossing him into the pit was not right, but that they might bring him in there alive. That would mean that unless someone saw him and pulled him out of the pit, he would starve to death. That brother may have intended to get him out of the trap.

After they had put him in a dry well, they sat down to eat, but after the horrible thing they had done to their little brother, their food did not taste so sweet. Then one of them said it was easier to sell him to some of the merchants that were passing by at the time. So they lifted him out of the well and sold him for around N6.50 to the traders. We can imagine how he had to beg them not to be so mean to him but their hearts were full of hate and envy, and they listened to what they were told to do by Satan.

The Unhappy Father

The brothers dipped the beautiful coat in the blood of the animal and told their father that a wild animal had maybe killed Joseph.He was so sad, weeping for his boy. He thought he was dead, but for Joseph, God had some work to do, and He had saved him. God has some job for all to do once they are saved, and God knows who is going to do it and who is going to be saved.

Joseph Was Brought to Egypt

When Joseph was sold to his brothers, he was taken to Egypt and sold to Potiphar, a soldier. God was with him and gave him his master’s favor, and Joseph was given an important job to do. For Joseph’s sake, God blessed Potiphar’s house, and Potiphar knew it. That made him like Joseph. God has a strong understanding of how to help those who love Him.

Joseph is being thrown into jail

One day, Potiphar was given a false story about Joseph, and he believed the lie. Joseph was put in jail. It must have seemed impossible for Joseph, because he knew that he had done no wrong, to be in prison, but God had a reason that Joseph did not realize. While in jail, Joseph explained the importance of some of the visions that men had dreamed of in prison.

The King Dreams

Two years after Joseph was in jail, the king, too had visions that confused him a lot, and he wanted to know what they meant. Some of his men were called to tell him the purpose, but they could not. Then they remembered that in the prison there was a man who was able to tell the meaning of his dreams, so the king called for Joseph.

The king dreamed of standing by the river, and seven fat cows came from the river and ate grass. Then they brought up seven bad cows and ate the fat cows.

The king also dreamed that he saw seven large ears of corn on a stalk, and then seven withered ears came up after them. The big ears were lost.

Joseph was pleased with the King

Joseph made himself neat and tidy until he stood before the king. When the King told him of his dreams, Joseph said that God was trying to reveal to the King what was going to happen in the country. Joseph said that unless God told Joseph, he could not tell the king the significance of his dreams. He gave all the credit to God. Joseph prayed earnestly for God to give him no question about it and God showed him what the visions were and what they meant.

Fat cows and large ears of corn ensured that there would be plenty of food for seven years. Then there would be seven years with almost no food unless they had collected enough in the seven good years. The king was satisfied with the description of Joseph and made him ruler of the land to collect food for the tough years that would come. For a very significant assignment, God was using Joseph. When they sold him, the wicked brothers did not know it but God did. For his reason, he can make it all work out well. There is nothing too complicated to do for God. God has work for those who are ready to work for Him and to be saved.

The King Joseph Rewards

The king was very happy with Joseph when Joseph told the king the importance of his dreams, and he wanted Joseph to help him. Maybe the king thought that Joseph would be helped by God, and Joseph would support the king. So he gave him work to do—grain selection while there was plenty of it.

After they had eaten all the grain of the land where the father and brothers of Joseph lived, they learned that there was grain far away in another country, so they went to that country to get it.

The Dreams of Joseph Come True

When the brothers had come to the land where the grain was, and had seen the man who was selling the grain, they bowed down before him. God knew what was going to happen, and in a dream he showed Joseph that this would be done by his brothers. But when Joseph told them about it several years ago, they didn’t like it.

The Brothers of Joseph Did Not Know him

His brothers knew Joseph, but they did not know him. Maybe they thought he was dead. He didn’t instantly tell them that he was their brother; maybe he wanted to find out more about them, and to see if they were any better men now than they were when they sold him. When Joseph asked them who their father was, they said that there were twelve brothers, but that one of them was no longer with them. Then Joseph may have told them that he was the missing one, but then he didn’t say so to them.

Joseph asks for the youngest brother

The brothers said that at home they had a younger brother. Then Joseph said he’d keep one there before they got him the younger brother. Joseph told them after three days that they could go home with the grain, but he would keep one of them until the youngest brother was brought with them.

Joseph was very generous to them and his sacks were packed with good grain, and he placed back in their sacks the money they gave him for the grain. He gave them extra grain to eat on the way home, for themselves.

They tell their father what happened

They told their father what the mysterious man had said about taking back with them their youngest child. That really made him sad. But they needed food, so Benjamin had to be let go by Jacob.

We are sure that Jacob asked God to take good care of Benjamin and to get him back to him. God was with Benjamin, the prayers of those who love Him are ever heard.

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