Kids Bible Trivia

We all want our children to hide the Word of God in their hearts, and one of the fun ways to do this is through Kids’ Bible trivia.  With friendly groups of young people wanting to be the one to answer first, Bible trivia can be a great aid to getting Bible facts memorized and tucked down into their hearts.  Add some fun and interesting facts to your better-known questions.   

Keep in mind that kids’ Bible trivia is meant to be a fun learning tool. While we want our children to get the Word in their hearts, it is not our desire to cause them stress by turning this tool into a burdensome activity. Learning the Word of God in an exciting atmosphere is the desired goal. Let us teach them with love the way our Lord has taught us, HIS children, with love.

Also keep in mind that your children and their ages are at different levels in their learning. While older children can answer questions more specifically, young children may need you to give them a few choices to choose from. Another option for easier answering is to turn questions into true or false statements and letting them choose between the two.

Kids’ Bible trivia can be used to do a quick overview at the end of a Sunday School class. It can also be used for ice breakers, or group games at youth get-togethers. Dividing your youth into two groups can be a fun way to have friendly competition. Keeping it fun encourages everyone to participate and learn. Keeping your lists of questions on hand and repeating them will increase the memory of all of your learners, especially for those who struggled to answer correctly the first time or two.

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