Mark 1:40-45 Jesus Heals a Man Who Had a Skin Disease

A man who had a skin disease came to Jesus. On his knees, he begged Jesus. He said, “If you are willing to make me ‘clean,’ you can do it.”

Jesus became angry. He reached out his hand and touched the man. “I am willing to do it,” Jesus said. “Be ‘clean’!” 

Right away the disease left the man, and he was “clean.”

Jesus sent him away at once. He gave the man a strong warning. 

“Don’t tell this to anyone,” he said. “Go and show yourself to the priest. Offer the sacrifices that Moses commanded. It will be a witness to the priest and the people that you are ‘clean.’ ” 

But the man went out and started talking right away. He spread the news to everyone. So Jesus could no longer enter a town openly. He stayed outside in lonely places. But people still came to him from everywhere.

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