Moses Hidden At Birth Story With Coloring Pages

TEXT: (Exodus 2:1-10)

MEMORY VERSE: By faith Moses, when he was born, was hid three months of his parents, because they saw he was a proper child; and they were not afraid of the king’s commandment.

The Father of Joseph was called Home to Heaven.

Joseph’s father was called to be with God after about 17 years of happiness when he was close to his son Joseph and the other sons. The brothers were also afraid Joseph would punish them for selling him. They seemed to think Joseph was waiting to take vengeance on them before their father died. But Joseph assured them that he didn’t think he was doing such a bad thing. They were unkind to him, but he’d been kind to them. Joseph was a man who was too nice to want to be as unkind to them as they were to him.

A New King Comes

The king to whom Joseph was brought, and who had cherished him, and given him a high place, died. There came a new king who did not know Joseph and did not care about the people of Joseph. The king heard that there were many of them, and he said he was afraid that if there were to be a war, they would turn against him. He ordered his men to make them work too hard, make them weak and sick, and maybe kill them. He ordered them to kill the baby boys, too, because they could become soldiers and fight him.

The people of Joseph called for the help of God.

People suffered a lot because they were forced to work so hard by cruel men, and their only hope was that God would help them somehow. As God always hears our call, God heard their call for help. He didn’t immediately take them out of that spot, but he figured out a strategy that would later be of great benefit to them.

A baby was laid on the river in a basket

Many years have passed since the death of Joseph. In Egypt, new kings were crowned, having no appreciation of how Joseph had saved their land during a great famine. Moses’ birth would mark the beginning of the plan of God to free his people from 400 years of slavery in Egypt.

The cruel king wanted to kill all the boys, but one mother was planning to protect her son. She had packed a basket to keep the water out, and to float on the water. She put it in the bushes at the edge so that it wouldn’t go too far down the river. The baby’s sister stood close by to see what was going to happen.

The midwives refused to obey, out of obedience to God. They told Pharaoh that, unlike Egyptian women, Jewish mothers quickly gave birth before the midwife arrived.

A handsome male child was born to Amram, of the tribe of Levi, and Jochebed, his wife. Jochebed hid the baby for three months to keep him safe. She got a basket of bulrushes and reeds when she couldn’t do that anymore, waterproofed the bottom with bitumen and pitch, put the baby in it, and set the basket on the Nile River.

The daughter of the king and her friends came to the river to bathe and saw the basket in the wash. She told somebody to get her the basket. She saw a beautiful baby when she opened it and heard the baby scream. It must have touched her heart because even though she saw that she was one of the children that her father had ordered his men to kill, she did not want to kill the baby.

The sister of the baby who was watching, came close and asked if she could bring a baby’s nursery. The daughter of the king said she should get a nurse. The sister went and took the baby’s mother with her, but the daughter of the king didn’t know her.

Pharaoh’s daughter called the child Moses, which in Hebrew means “drawn out of the sea” and in Egypt was similar to the word “son.”

In Moses’ early life, God’s presence as Savior was clear. By sealing him in a basket on the Nile, Moses’ parents saved him from death.

The basket is a symbol of the ark which, when God removed wickedness from the face of the earth, brought Noah and his family to safety. Noah’s ark and Moses’ basket point to Jesus Christ’s redemption. Noah and Moses were made safe in the ark, just as Jesus Christ, who went down to death for our redemption, made us secure.

Moses was raised by his mother after being saved by Pharaoh’s daughter, who introduced him to the God of Israel. He never forgot his Israelite origins, although Moses would enjoy a life of luxury in the Egyptian royal court.

After a couple of years, the boy was taken to the palace of the king to live. No doubt, the daughter of the king loved him very much and called him “Moses,” meaning, “drawn out of the water.”

Moses Was Taught the Love of God

We are positive that the mother of Moses taught him to love God while he was with her and not to worship the idols worshipped by the Egyptian people. When he grew older, God had a huge job for Moses to do. God knows what every boy and girl is going to grow up to be, and he wants both of them to work for him. Starting when young and getting several years to work for God is a positive thing.

In Egypt, the Hebrew people were so numerous that Pharaoh started to fear them. He claimed that the Hebrews could ally themselves with the enemy and conquer Egypt if the enemy invaded. To avoid that, Pharaoh instructed the midwives to kill all newborn Hebrew boys to keep them from growing up and becoming soldiers.

Important Points About Moses’ Birth

Moses, raised in the Egyptian court, learned to read and write, equipping him to write the first five Bible books later on.

Since Moses’ brother Aaron was younger than him, Pharaoh’s order to destroy all male babies must have been revoked. As spokesperson for Moses and later as high priest, Aaron played important roles.

We are told nothing after the birth of Moses about his upbringing. We don’t know whether Pharaoh knew that his adopted grandson was Hebrew, or if Pharaoh’s daughter was married after all.

God would later pull the Hebrew people out of the ocean, the Red Sea, just as Moses was drawn from the water, to save them from following Egypt.

There are notable similarities between the birth of Moses and Jesus. Both were miraculously saved as babies from death and evolved to become their people’s saviours. Moses, the son of Amram and Jochebed (Exodus 6:3), was destined to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt’s slavery and guide them to the Promised Land.

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