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TEXT: Genesis 6:5-22.

Memory verse: Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. [Proverbs 3:5-6]

God keeps His promises.

We will be talking about promises today. What’s a promise? A promise is when you say that something is going to be done, and then you do it. Have you made a promise? Have you kept your promise? How long have you kept it for? When God promises, He keeps it FOREVER.

The Evil People

The Bible tells us that all the people on earth have gotten worse and worse and worse and worse since Cain killed Abel. Ultimately, all they did all day long was wrong and wicked. God looked down upon the world and saw the wickedness of all this. God, however, found one man who was good.

When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they brought sin and death into the world, and in a short time, the people became so wicked that God decided to send a great flood to kill all. But there was one man, Noah, who loved God and tried to do what pleased God, so God wanted him and his family to be safe.

A Great Boat Is Built

There was a certain man named Noah, and God gave him a super-duper special mission.

God instructed Noah that he needed to build an ark. A boat! It’s for rain! What was so funny about that, though?

It didn’t rain there! Before, nobody had ever heard of rain. But God gave these plans to Noah, and Noah began to construct the Ark.

God ordered Noah to build him and his family a great ship to live in when the water was all over the world. He told Noah precisely how to build it and how large it was going to be. We assume that it was 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 43 feet high, at least. Maybe it was much larger than that.

Noah was ordered to take two beasts of any kind into the Ark, and to put food in the Ark for his family and for the beasts. He had been told to take seven pairs of a kind from the clean animals.

Noah did exactly as he was told to do by God. We recognize that it took 120 years for him to build that great ship. If he constructed a boat where there was no water, people would laugh, but Noah understood what God had told him and he kept on building it. Noah preached about their sins and the things that came upon the world to the people and warned them to avoid being wicked.

God ordered Noah to enter the Ark,

Then the flood came… just as God had promised, the Bible says that the springs of the deep broke open and water poured out and that it rained for 40 days and 40 nights[See Activity-Make rain sounds here The water came higher and higher until it eventually raised the Ark and brought it along on the top of the water. Finally, once again, the land became dry.

God told Noah, when the Ark was ready, to take his wife, his three sons, and their wives, and to go into the Ark. God shut the door then. The rain flowed down from the heavens for forty days and nights, and the water came from the springs and fountains of the earth and the oceans. Water filled the world for 40 days and nights before it was covered. The people ran for the mountains, and the hills, no doubt, but the water rose higher and higher until even the mountains were covered. Then the Ark sailed peacefully over the highest mountains with Noah and his kin. We are sure that they thanked God for being healthy, and that they were pleased that they had done what God told them to do.

Noah Sends a Dove Out

Then Noah sent a dove out and…. Oh, nothing. The dove came back to him.

Then Noah waited for another week. Inside, there is still wind, drying up all the moisture. Again, Noah sends out a dove.

The dove is coming back with a leaf this time. A small piece of a tree, but even a small piece of a tree, signals to Noah what he had hoped to find! Above the sea, there are trees! Somewhere close by, there’s dry land!

Noah is only waiting for another seven days. He hopes that it will dry out even further and that the ship will be able to land. Again, he sends the dove out, but the dove never returns.

Now, Noah knows that somewhere there is dry land. Still, Noah keeps waiting. He’s waiting for God. He’s waiting for God to tell him what he should do next. All of us would have tried as fast as possible to hurry the Ark out! We’d like to get away from the crowds and the smells and get into our rooms! We’d like to get off that bus!

And I’m sure Noah, too, did it but Noah was waiting. Do you know why Noah was waiting?

It was revealed to Noah that God had a plan. The same God who made all living things. The same God who told him precisely how to build an ark. The same God who knew what rain was before it ever came into being. The same God who stopped the creatures from being so hungry that they would kill each other. That same God who up until this point had a plan for everything? Noah realized that he already had a strategy for anything beyond this point.

Noah waited for God to tell him when to get out of the sea.

And God did.

The Rainbow

Out of the Ark came Noah, his wife, his sons and all their wives. They were pleased! They were alive, and for themselves, they had the entire world! All they had! Noah praised God and thanked Him for getting them through the flood and saving them in His judgement of the earth. Then God made a promise. As a token of His vow, God vowed that He would NEVER ruin the earth with a flood again; God put the rainbow in Heaven. Now, when we see the rainbow, we can always remember the promise of God NEVER again to destroy the world with a flood.

And God was so proud of Noah because he had followed his plan. God put a rainbow in the sky, the first rainbow of all time. “And he said to Noah, “I will never send a flood again to destroy the earth.

Do you know how to make rainbows?

Rainbows are made as the rain comes to life. God said something to us when he placed a rainbow in the sky. That’s what he told us even though we screw up. If we look at Him the light of the universe, to repair everything, it will be all right, even if our lives are stormy and yucky. Mixed with God’s light, our stormy lives produce something beautiful and vibrant. This creates a rainbow.

For us, God still has a plan. God is there for us no matter what is going on in our lives. The best idea is his plan.

So, when you see a rainbow, remember the promise of Heaven. Remind yourself that the God who made light can make anything extra beautiful, even when it’s storming outside.


Heavenly Father, we bless you for keeping your promises. Thank you for loving us deeply! We promise to love you too till the very end! Amen

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