Short Bible Verses For Children’s Memorization

There are important reasons we should encourage our children in memorizing Bible verses. As Psalm 119:11 says, “Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.”

We endeavor to serve our Lord faithfully, and need to know Him, that we may please Him rather than sin against Him. With our list of short Bible verses for kids, you can begin teaching them the Word of God while they are still young.

We’ve chosen easy-to-memorize verses that are appropriate for your little learners. When you start with short Bible verses for kids, you are starting at a place where they can succeed, building their confidence during their time of growth to bigger things.

For the youngest of learners, consider having them learn just a portion of a scripture. As they grow, you can add another portion or the rest of the verse. Keep in mind that you want your children to fall in love with scripture, not dread it as a chore they must do.

The Bible is meant to put principles in our hearts, and to help us learn the ways of God. It isn’t meant to only be a recital that has no further use. You can make scripture learning fun with games and activities for the children. The object is to help them to fall in love with Jesus and the Word.

Sometimes the short Bible verses for kids can be more easily understood depending on which Bible translation you are using. The important thing to remember when using another translation is whether the chosen version is true to the original Bible.

Let our short Bible verses for kids get the little ones started on their way of hiding the Word of God in their hearts!

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