Sunday School Crafts

Sunday school crafts are a great addition to any Sunday School lesson. Children love to make things with their hands. To pair a lesson with a craft helps little ones continue focusing on key points of the lesson, furthering the memory of the lesson in their minds.

At home, a craft may just be a craft. But in Sunday School, a craft is a time of remembering the lesson, and continues to be a reminder of what the child learned once they take it home with them. While church is the place to learn about our Savior, other life lessons can be taught as well.

Children learn a little about self-control (sitting next to family during worship, for example), sharing in class and waiting their turn, among other things. When it comes time for Sunday school crafts, children have the opportunity to practice motor skills, decision making and learning new colors and shapes.

Combining these things encourages creativity, and the finished projects become a sense of achievement, increasing self-confidence, all of which aid the development of children of all ages. As you can see, a simple craft is really so much more than just cutting, coloring, gluing and painting.

We are glad you found our Sunday school crafts page because you don’t have to create the craft ideas from scratch, making craft time easier to implement! Browse our selection of Sunday school crafts for some great ideas and inspiration.

Use as many as you want and add your own creative touches for the perfect finished results! Our Sunday school crafts offer you a variety of ways to not only teach certain Bible stories, but to also focus on important topics and traits of Christian living, such as thankfulness, praise, giving, joy and more.

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