The Creation in the Genesis Coloring Pages


TEXT: (Genesis 1:2-25)

MEMORY VERSE:  All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. (John 1:3).

God Still Existed

Before there was an earth and a man on this earth, God existed. God has the ability to do everything. All he has to do is speak the word, and it is finished. Some people claim that God did not create the universe and people, but anyone who believes in God and believes in His Bible knows that He made it all, because He said He did. We know that Jesus and the Holy Spirit were with him there.

God Makes Light

There was darkness in the universe at one time, and God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God called the light the day and the darkness the night.

So God spoke plainly, and light emerged. And it wasn’t all sunshine. The sun wasn’t even formed yet, after all. Could you only generate light by saying, “Let there be light”? No, but God is able.

God made the Sky,

There was water all around. God split the water above the earth from the water above the earth on the second day of creation and put the Sky between the two. The World would have encountered an atmosphere for the first time, and such stuff as clouds, wind, waves, and evaporation.

On the second day, God produced a beautiful sky and clouds carrying water to make flowers, trees and plants grow so that men and animals would have food.

God made the land and the waters.

The mountains, the hills, the cliffs, the springs, the rivers, the cascades, the caves, the beaches, the gravel, the clay, the sand. And because the World had plants, roots, branches, leaves, grass, pollen, bark, vines, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and more were contained for the first time.

In the vast and deep seas, God gathered the water and set the dry land in its place. He told the seas they would be able to come so far and no more. Then with a beautifully green carpet of grass and flowers, he filled the World. God gave the man a lovely place to live, but sin brought a curse upon him.

God made the lights

Light, heat and warmth, UV rays, sunrises, sunsets, dawn, dusk and even eclipses came along with the sun. God knew that to live, and the World would need the sun.

And so for the first time, there was the majesty of the night sky. The moon is often full and round, and it is often shaped like a crescent. Some individuals also call it a “toe-nail moon” when the moon is really small. The stars are beautiful, of course, because they are shiny and sparkling and even seem to twinkle in the Sky.

God had already provided some light to the World, but He made more light on the fourth day. He made the sunshine in the afternoon, and the moon and the stars shine in the evening.

God put the living thing in the World.

Fish, swimming animals such as whales and dolphins, sponges, jellyfish, clams, oysters, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, starfish, sea lilies, lobsters, worms, snails, and many more are found in the sea. And God created all kinds of birds on this day to fill the Sky. Feathers, beaks, wings and claws were created by God when he created birds.

Think about all the species (wild animals and tame animals that live on the ground: amphibians, reptiles, mammals and even some non-flying birds. God is awesome because his concept and his conception were every single forms of animal.

He put fish in the seas and birds in the heavens, after God had made the world light and prepared a place for man.

In His own image, God Made Man

God didn’t rest because he was tired. God had rested because he had completed some really important work! He was pleased he had done a really good job. And God had told Adam and Eve they had a job to do as well. They were expected to take care of the garden.

How are you? How are you? How do you look after the beautiful earth which God made?

God made a world of goodness, and then He put a good man in it. He created man out of the dust of the earth, and into him, he breathed life. God looked at His universe and thought it was fine.” The mountains, the seas, the flowers, and all that God has made reflect how amazing He is, but only people will love Him.

All God did was good.

God realize that everything He had created was healthy, and so He rested and blessed it on the seventh day.

The Beautiful Garden of Eden

God made a wonderful garden for Adam and Eve. He gave them trees with healthy fruit, beautiful flowers to enjoy, vegetables to feed them, and many other good things. He told Adam that he should eat all the fruit except one of the trees. They would definitely die if they ate that fruit. He told them that even that tree should not be touched.

God said it was not good for man to be alone, so God took one of Adam’s ribs while Adam was sleeping and made a woman his wife.

The Snake in the Garden

In that garden, there were animals, and God told Adam to give them names. Not all snakes are poisonous, but that garden had one snake that was really nasty. Eve was told one day that she didn’t need to be afraid to eat the fruit of a certain tree. He said that the fruit would like Heaven, make her know everything. When she was listening to the serpent, Eve made a horrible error. She wanted it when she looked at the fruit and saw that it was really sweet, and when she believed what the snake said instead of what God said. She ate it and gave some of it to her husband as well.

Adam and Eve were scared.

God walked in the lovely garden often and spoke with Adam and Eve. They were no doubt happy to have him with them. But after they had eaten the fruit, when they heard the voice of God, they were afraid and tried to conceal God’s form. God’s been calling them. They felt embarrassed that they had come to him. God asked them if the fruit He ordered them not to eat had been eaten, and they said they had. Eve blamed the snake for it, and Adam blamed Eve for it. If an individual is wrong, he tries to blame someone else for it.

They were driven from the garden,

God made Adam and Eve realize that they were no longer fit to live and be with Him in that holy garden because they had disobeyed him. He sent them out of the garden and assigned the door guard to an angel.

Adam and Eve did a terrible thing when they disobeyed God; for it brought sin, sickness and death to the entire World, and to all men. We almost always lead someone else to do awful things when we do wrong things, too.

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