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Hey guys, and gals, I’m Colin from And we’ve got a story for you today. Today’s story is called the parable of the talent. Jesus began to describe what the kingdom of heaven is like. And he told this story. He told us that there was a master who went on a journey. He called together his servants and gave them each a bunch of money to hold on to until he returned. But just how much money did he give them? Well to the first guy he gave about a hundred years wages, which would be about $5 million for us today. That’s a lot of money to the next guy. He gave about $2 million into the last. He gave $1 million. He gave to each, according to their ability. Once he left the one that received $5 million, went out to trade with other people and use the money.

He had to make more money. So that eventually he had not only $5 million, not $7 million, but $10 million. The one who has given $2 million also doubled his money so that he had $4 million. But the one who has given $1 million, went out and buried his money under the ground to keep it safe. When the master returned that each told him how much they had made for him, the first said, look, you gave me $5 million and now I have 10 million. The next said, look, you gave me 2 million. And now I have 4 million. The master congratulated, both of them and was very impressed with the work that he took them and done. Then the final servant came to him and said, master, I was afraid. So I hit your money under the ground to keep it safe. When the master heard this, he got upset saying that the servant could have done more with the money. He took the $1 million that he had given to this servant and he gave it to the one with $10 million. Then he said, whoever has, will be given more into the one who does not have even what he has, will be taken away from him.

So before I explain this story, I want to take a quick moment to just let you guys know that we’re super, super glad that you’re here with us. If you all want to find out how to receive a free coloring page of the illustration that you’re seeing drawn in this video, wait until the end. And we’ll let you know. Also, if you guys are enjoying this video, it would mean a bunch to us. If you would consider subscribing to our channel, as well as liking this video, all right, let’s get back to the story. So in order to understand this story, we need to know who these people represent. The master represents God who has given each of us gifts and abilities in our lives. And we are the servants. God has trusted us to use our gifts and abilities to do something great in this world for him, God is so happy and proud of us when we use our gifts to show others who he is.

But to those of us that don’t use our gifts for him, God is sad. He has amazing plans for each of us and has created us for a special purpose. We know God wants us to use what we have to bring to him. Some of us are really good at sports. Others are good at art or music. You know, we have all sorts of different talents and gifts, but God wants us to use all of those things to show other people who he is ever since. I was little, I used to love to draw and make art. And for most of my life, I would do that in my free time just to pass the time away. It wasn’t until earlier this year, until finally I realized that God wanted to use my talents for his kingdom and for his glory. So that’s what got me started here on this channel.

That’s why I draw these pictures here today is because God showed me that he wants to use these gifts for his kingdom. Now how about you guys? What are you good at? What does God want to use in your life? What if someone were to give you $1 million today, what would you do with it? Do you know that your gifts and your abilities are worth far more than those millions of dollars that you could receive? God has made you so special and he has a super, super special plan for your life. If you allow him to use your gifts and talents, he will do amazing things in your life. Thank you to each of you for sticking around for the end of this video. I hope that you guys enjoy the parable of the talents as promised. We’ve got a free coloring page available on our website, fruits of Once again, that’s Also, if you guys enjoyed your time, please do consider subscribing to our channel as well as liking. This helps us out a bunch and it relieves a lot to us. Thank you all so much.

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