Top 10 Bible Verses About Grief

Grief is a very real emotional response to a deep sense of loss. This sense of loss can come as a result from various situations and experiences. We experience grief when a long-loved household pet dies; when we lose our jobs or source of income; when we break of a relationship (romantic or not) for any reason or when a loved one loses a battle with cancer. Just like there are many different circumstances that can cause grief in our lives, so grief is experienced and dealt with in different ways by different people.

Some people will distract themselves with work, or a new relationship, or a vacation; others will refuse to accept the loss and try to reconcile or bargain; others still will play the blame game and try and figure out what could have happened differently to cause a different result, a result that is not loss, but then you get those people who grieve, they go through those 5 stages of grief in a healthy way, they accept their loss and they eventually remember the thing lost with fondness.

The healthiest and most effective way to grieve is with the Holy Spirit comforting you, Afterall he is the great comforter. Here are a few scriptures from the Bible that can help you grieve:

There are many instances in the Bible of people grieving, there is Daniel who grieved because of a dream (Daniel 10:1-2), Naomi grieved because she lost her husband and her 2 sons in the middle of great poverty and famine. (Ruth 1:1-5) and then finally we have Jesus. Jesus who had been preaching and teaching heard that a friend was ill, yet by the time he got to the place where he was, Lazarus had been dead for 4 days. He went to the house where his sister was grieving and we read that “When Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews who had come with her also weeping, he was deeply moved in his spirit and greatly troubled.” (John 11:33) Just a few verses later we read that Jesus wept.

Jesus wept. What a sentence, as powerful as it is short. Jesus knew that he was going to raise Lazarus from the dead, he talks about it even before he knew that Lazarus was dead, yet Jesus wept. We can take great encouragement from this, Jesus knows our sorrow. He feels our pain.

The greatest encouragement is this, when we get to heaven there will be no grief, no tears no sorrow. (Revelation 21:4)


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