Where to Find Christmas Plays for Church?

Before you know it, summer and fall will be over and we will be heading into winter, which is the busiest time of year for some! And that’s when the popular question pops up for rushed activity directors and Sunday School teachers everywhere:

Do you know where to find Christmas plays for church? You don’t need to wait until the last minute to find a great Christmas play for church. The sooner you start, the more time you have to choose the perfect play for your church. You won’t have to settle for something less than perfect, and you will have plenty of time to gather all of your props and participants.

Some of your options for finding great Christmas plays for church can be found on Amazon. You can also search our free printable Christmas plays for a nice selection that work well for smaller and larger churches alike. Different plays are suitable for different age groups as well.

There are options for your young children, and your older youth. Another option that some churches use in place of an actual play is creating a program that has poems, Bible verses and Christmas songs. This is a great opportunity to let your youth share the Bible verses that share the wonderful blessing of our Savior, and other scriptures that are special to them. Giving an opportunity for sharing their own poems and playing instruments (those who are in lessons or have already learned) for the program give children a chance to be involved in a special service.

Whether you find the perfect play, or you can’t find a Christmas play for church, you can still have a special service with opportunities for the congregation and young people to be involved in sharing what Jesus means to them.

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